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September 2017 Archives

Will SB 52 Prevent Distracted Driving in Florida? Some Parents Say No.

Over the past decade, texting while driving (and other related forms of distraction) has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the State of Florida and across the United States as a whole. Due to the rise of cell phone usage and all of their associated gizmos, gadgets and applications, it is not surprising that as a result, a car accident occurs approximately every ten seconds in the U.S. Specifically, nation-wide surveys reveal that nearly two-thirds of all drivers admitted to reading text messages or emailing while driving. Even more daunting is the fact in Florida alone, the more than 4,500 accidents that occurred last year were all attributed to some form of distracted driving, with more than 250 linked specifically to texting.

Los Abogados de Accidentes de Camiones de la Florida Discuten Algunas Preguntas Comunes Sobre los Accidentes de Camiones

Hay muchos tipos diferentes de accidentes que ocurren en la Florida incluyendo la insuficiencia de los choques por no ceder el paso que son la segunda causa principal de todos los accidentes fatales. Estos accidentes son causados ​​por un conductor que viaja en el camino del otro vehículo, peatón o ciclista, que tenía derecho a estar en movimiento a esta direccion. Los ejemplos de este tipo de accidentes incluyen a un giro a la izquierda delante del coche de un conductor que tenía el derecho a viajar derecho o un vehículo golpeando a una persona en un paso de peatones. Es importante que los conductores tengan una comprensión clara acerca de qué el vehículo tiene que ceder el derecho de paso en diferentes escenarios. Cuando un conductor no conoce las reglas o no se sigue en una situación particular, puede causar un accidente grave.

Los abogados de lesiones personales del condado de Miami-Dade explican una doctrina atractiva de molestia en el contexto de una demanda de ahogamiento de la piscina

Mientras que nuestros abogados de lesiones personales han discutido previamente el caso de DCA de la Florida de Southern Owners Insurance Company contra Cooperativa vs. De Seguros Multiples, etc., en relación con la supervisión negligente, este blog considera un tema diferente. Aunque muchos accidentes de ahogamiento en la Florida resultan de la falta de una supervisión adecuada, los niños que se entran sin protección pueden recibir protección especial bajo la ley. Las piscinas representan un riesgo único para los niños pequeños que a menudo carecen de la madurez y la experiencia para comprender la amenaza de el ahogamiento o las lesiones graves incluyendo el daño cerebral por privación de oxígeno.

Miami Cruise Ship Lawyers Discuss Recent Court Decision Which Protects Injured Passengers' Rights

Many people do not realize that a ticket to board a passenger ship is a binding contract, subject to certain limitations. One of the contract clauses courts will enforce is the "forum selection clause" on the ticket. Another clause courts will enforce is the requirement to notify the company in writing of any claim for personal injuries within a certain time frame. Also, courts enforce the contractual one-year statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits from injuries arising on cruise ships. As experienced cruise ship injury attorneys, we see a plaintiff's failure to follow the contract clauses on their ticket can result in missing the opportunity to file a claim for personal injuries suffered on a cruise ship. 

Employer's Deficient Background Check Supported Determination of Negligent Entrustment of Vehicle to Drunk Employee

The legal doctrine of negligent entrustment authorizes the imposition of liability on the owner of a dangerous instrument, such as a motor vehicle, for negligence by a motorist the owner knows or should know poses an unreasonable risk of harm. The basic rationale for this legal theory is that a vehicle owner should exercise ordinary care when placing a dangerous instrumentality like a motor vehicle in the hands of another. While actual knowledge that the person using the vehicle has a pattern of drunk driving convictions, citations for reckless driving, or a history of at-fault accidents can justify liability, vehicle owners cannot bury their head in the sand to avoid liability. The legal relationship between the parties as well as known facts might give rise to a duty to inquire further. In this blog, our Miami personal injury attorneys highlight a recent case where a Florida appellate court allowed a claim of to go forward based on the negligent driving of an employee under the legal doctrine of negligent entrustment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Claims in Florida

If your home is damaged in a fire, you are likely in shock and at a loss as to what will happen next. The following is a look at some frequently asked questions concerning fire claims in Florida. For individualized assistance, contact a fire damage insurance claim lawyer in Miami as soon as possible.

Attorneys Examine Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals Decision Granting New Trial on Punitive Damages

While injury victims pursue personal injury lawsuits to obtain compensation for economic losses, pain and suffering, and other harm experienced because of careless or inattentive conduct, some forms of behavior merit a different form of damages. Unlike compensatory damages, exemplary or punitive damages serve the function of punishing a wrongdoer and discouraging recidivism. Although the amount awarded can be substantial, Florida law applies caps on the amount of punitive damages that can be awarded and imposes a higher evidentiary standard. In this blog, our Miami personal injury attorneys review a recent court decision wherein a Florida appellate court made the task of pursuing punitive damages even more difficult. 

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Review Florida Appellate Court Decision Ruling an Injury Patient's Lawsuit Can Proceed Against Medical Professional Despite Execution of a Release

When patients entrust medical professionals, facilities, and hospitals with their healthcare, an expectation of competent diagnosis and treatment consistent with the established standard of care in the community constitutes a reasonable expectation. Many people are overwhelmed by the massive stack of intake paperwork they face as new patients. Frequently, a waiver or release of liability often will purport to limit the legal rights and remedies of patients to seek financial compensation for injuries or other harm caused by the negligence of a health care provider. Although many patients assume they cannot pursue a medical malpractice claim because their health care provider had them execute a document limiting the liability of the provider or facility, courts do not always enforce these types of provisions. In this blog, our Miami medical malpractice lawyers review a court case decided a few weeks ago that allowed a plaintiff to pursue a medical malpractice claim despite signing a release of liability. 

Mother of South Bay Truck Accident Victims Files Suit

Back in March, a devastating truck accident involving a tractor trailer that detached claimed the lives of four people and injured two others. The accident occurred on U.S. 27 in Palm Beach County in the early morning hours. A trailer suddenly became detached from a truck, coming to rest in the middle of the roadway. The trailer was shrouded by the fog and multiple crashes resulted from drivers running into the trailer.

Drowning of Young Child is a Tragic Reminder of the Danger of Defective Swimming Safety Features

Since summer has arrived, kids will flock to swimming pools, lakes, and other bodies of water. Although a swimming pool or pond can provide recreation, entertainment, and exercise, parents must exercise vigilance because drowning constitutes a serious risk to small children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 10 people per day drown in non-boating related incidents. Almost one in five of these drowning victims are children 14 or younger, so parents should be vigilant in the vicinity of swimming locations. Tragically, drownings and near drownings resulting in brain damage can occur even when parents take precautions to protect their children. In this blog, our Miami defective product attorneys review a case where parents unsuccessfully pursued a product liability lawsuit alleging a defective piece of safety equipment was a substantial factor in causing their toddler's drowning. 

PBA: A Secondary Neurological Syndrome That May Follow TBI

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating events in the lives of those unfortunate enough to suffer one. According to news-medical.net, Dr. Jonathan Fellus, Director of Rehabilitation at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center explains that the brain controls essential bodily functions on which we rely every day. Among those functions are breathing, heart rate, body temperature, metabolism, thought processing, body movements, personality and all five senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. An injury to the brain typically affects the neurons and nerves that carry the messages sent by the brain to the organs that perform all those functions, hence the devastating effect that a brain injury has to the lives of those affected.

Recent Settlement of Bus Accident Evidencing Special Challenges When Suing a Public Entity

Although buses statistically provide one of the safest forms of transportation, the carnage and extent of injury can be devastating when Florida bus accidents occur. Because passengers in Miami-Dade County embark on tens of thousands of trips covering hundreds of thousands of miles annually, serious bus accidents are predictable. When bus drivers fail to exercise caution and remain attentive, or public entities and transit companies do not exercise care in screening, training, and supervising drivers, the risk posed to passengers increases dramatically. While bus companies are considered common carriers who owe passengers a heightened duty of care, injured passengers seeking financial compensation from municipalities and other government entities that run bus lines face special challenges. In this blog, our Miami bus accident attorneys review a recent settlement of a bus accident claim that focuses attention on these obstacles. 

South Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss the Rights of a Spouse Following a Fatal Truck Accident

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are nearly 4,000 fatal truck accidents each year. Most of these deaths involve the driver or passengers of the smaller motor vehicle involved in the accident. Many of those killed will leave behind grieving spouses, children, and other family members. Losing your loved one in a truck accident is devastating and life changing. You may find yourself emotionally and financially vulnerable following your tremendous loss. There are steps that surviving spouses can take following the loss of their husband or wife to obtain compensation from the at-fault truck driver or trucking company.

Los abogados de lesiones personales de la ciudad de Miami discuten la decisión del tribunal de denegar el juicio sumario de Disney World que involucra los resbalones y caídas fuera de bordillo

Aunque el lema de Walt Disney World es que el parque de diversiones es "el lugar más feliz de la tierra", densas multitudes, la oscuridad y las distracciones visuales crean una atmósfera que aumenta el riesgo de una grave caída. Los huéspedes del "Magic Kingdom" u otros parques de atracciones de la Florida pueden sufrir lesiones graves al caerse debido al mantenimiento inadecuado de pasarelas, las aceras y los estacionamientos. Nuestros abogados de lesiones personales reconocen que los visitantes lesionados en las caídas mientras recorren parques temáticos u otras atracciones turísticas importantes en la Florida enfrentan con frecuencia una batalla ascendente. En este blog, revisamos un caso en el que un demandante utilizó eficazmente la evidencia proporcionada por el propio experto del parque temático para resistir un juicio sumario.