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The alarming reality of medication errors

Most Miami residents take at least one prescription medication. These medications help chronic and acute medical conditions and are necessary for many people. Occasionally, an unexpected medication error occurs that causes serious injuries.

Medical errors are a serious problem for many Americans. A medication error is preventable and can be the result of miscommunication, improper labeling, dispensing errors, monitoring errors, education errors, among others. Medication errors are more prevalent in the American health care system than people think. Every year thousands of people die as the result of medication errors. Almost all medication errors can be avoided. Many times, these errors occur because a doctor's handwriting cannot be read, the prescription was incorrect, or the dosage was wrong. The most common medication errors are the wrong dose of medication, the wrong directions for the medication and the wrong medication altogether was given.

If a loved one has suffered a serious injury because of a medication error, an attorney who specializes in personal injury may be able to help. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding the error and help determine what happened to cause the medication error and get answers for a family. If the medication error was caused by a person's negligence, compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

A medication error can seriously affect a person, causing long term damage and even death. If negligence was involved in a medication error it is important to hold the person responsible so that they don't harm anyone else. Those who are involved in prescribing or dispensing prescription medication need to be more careful.

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