Trials And The Jury System

The jury is the singular aspect of our system of justice that stands out and makes our system work. Not only do we serve you as your attorneys, but six strangers fulfill their civic duty and serve you as they sit on this panel, taking time from their own lives, and give you their attention while we explain your case to them. In order for this system to work, we at Greenberg Stone & Urbano ask our clients to show the court and the jury the respect they deserve.

We expect our clients to be on time and to act with the proper level of decorum the court requires. Our clients are expected to be truthful and sincere, as that is what our system is based upon. Justice cannot be had without your honesty and candor.

From the moment you walk into our office, we begin preparing your case for trial. Just as the jury trial the culmination of your case, it too is the crowning moment of our years of hard work. We may not know what a jury will decide when they deliberate amongst themselves at the end of the trial, but we do know what you expected from us and what we expect from you.

At Greenberg Stone & Urbano, though we remain confident in our abilities and our client's cases, we caution our clients that anything can happen at a jury trial. You cannot expect any results to be guaranteed, as we are asking a panel of six persons with six different sets of values and life experiences to come to a consensus and render a decision. This, however, is exactly what makes our system of justice tremendous, having citizens themselves make the decisions.

What you can expect from your attorneys at Greenberg Stone & Urbano at a jury trial is the utmost professional conduct and the effective presentation of your case. We will explain all the facts and circumstances to the jury in an honest, compassionate and clear manner, aiding them in their exercise of the greatest of civic duties. We will serve you, the client, in a manner that can only be exceeded by the dignity and duty with which the jurors will serve us all.

Our system guarantees you the proverbial "Day in Court." What that means is different for every person. Usually, jury trials are emotionally draining on the parties, attorneys and jurors. We thank you in advance for meeting our expectations, honoring our system of justice and maintaining its integrity.


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