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January 2018 Archives

How long does one have to file a wrongful death suit in Florida?

The death of a loved one is never easy. Whether a person in Florida died in their sleep in their old age, or whether a person died from a terminal illness, the loved ones left behind must find some way to cope and move forward with their lives.

How does the FDA handle medication errors?

Medication mishaps take place regularly. Sometimes a patient is given the wrong medication in a hospital. Sometimes a person is given the wrong medication at the pharmacy. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a medication error takes place when the incorrect medication is given to a person, a mistake that could have been prevented and that injures the person.

Two Florida companies fined following deaths of 5 workers

Workplace safety is important when one works with hazardous materials. People in Florida with jobs like these must be provided with the proper equipment and procedures needed to keep them safe at work. If these safety precautions are not made available to workers, it can lead to tragedy as one incident shows.

Steps to take after one's insurance claim in Florida is denied

While it may not always be fun paying for it, most homeowners in in Miami are glad to have homeowner's insurance when disaster strikes. Whether it is a hurricane, a fire, a sinkhole or any other type of disaster that damages a person's home, that person will naturally expect that their homeowner's insurance will cover the repairs necessary to fix what was destroyed.