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Two cruise ship accidents in one week

Taking a cruise is an exciting way to spend your hard-earned time off.  Riding on a floating castle and being pampered like royalty sounds amazing, but there are definitely cruise-specific hazards to consider.

Last week it was reported that a woman fell to her death from a balcony while aboard the Carnival ship Elation. The woman fell from her 14th-floor balcony to the 11th-floor deck on the first night of a four-day cruise. Days later another woman was seen falling overboard from another Carnival cruise ship prompting search and rescue efforts. Cruises are supposed to be an escape, but with two accidents within a week from the same cruise company, you may start to worry.

The dangers of cruise ships

A cruise offers a unique kind of isolation for your vacation, the chance to be cut off from everything, but with all the comforts of home. There are a number of dangers that are specific to cruises that you need to keep in mind when planning your next vacation such as:

  • Sickness: Since cruise ships are self-contained environments so the risk of disease or food poisoning turning you luxurious retreat into a nightmare is very real.
  • Falls: Low balconies, slippery decks and stormy conditions can make even walking around a cruise ship a danger.
  • Drowning: It seems obvious but if you fall off a ship on the open ocean you risk drowning or being lost at sea.s.
  • Medical negligence: If you are injured, or fall ill, you are at the mercy of the medical personnel onboard your ship. If they make mistakes while treating you, there can be devastating consequences and no other options to turn to.

Taking cruises should be relaxing

None of this means you should not take a cruise. Human beings have been crossing oceans for thousands of years, and that we have the technology to do it in such luxurious ways now is amazing. You simply want to be realistic about what challenges you may face while relaxing at sea.

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