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There are a variety of reasons why medication errors occur

When Florida residents need to seek professional medical care, most of us are relying on the expertise of the physicians treating us. After all, most people do not have the education and training that these professionals have. When we must seek professional treatment for a health problem, we count on our physicians and medical staff to provide us with the proper medication we need in order to get better.

Unfortunately, medication errors occur all too often. People may be given the wrong type of medicine or the wrong dosage of medicine. There could be a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis that leads to the wrong medication being administered. A physician could provide the wrong dosage of a medication or could fail to take into account other medications a patient is taking, resulting in a dangerous combination of prescription medication. Medication errors could even occur at the pharmacy if a pharmacist is unable to read the doctor's handwriting. Poor communication between physicians, pharmacists and patients could all lead to medication errors. Finally, simple human error could lead to a medication error.

Legally, physicians must meet a certain standard of care when it comes to treating patients. They must act as a reasonably prudent medical professional in similar communities and circumstances would in treating patients. If a medical professional fails to uphold this standard of care, they could be held liable and the patients they injured may be able to pursue compensation for the damages they suffered.

Medication errors can lead to a worsened condition. And, unfortunately, sometimes the error is totally outside of a patient's control. We depend on physicians to use their expertise to prescribe the proper medication in the proper dosage. When a physician fails to do this, patients could suffer further. So, it is important to hold negligent physicians responsible when they make medication errors.

Source: Always Culture, "The 8 Most Common Root Causes of Medical Errors," Anne Carrie, Sept. 6, 2017

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