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May 2018 Archives

Will a homeowners insurance policy cover hurricanes?

Hurricane season is almost here, and Florida homeowners may already be stocking up supplies and preparing themselves for the possibility that their home could be hit by a major hurricane. Of course, many homes in Florida are built to withstand hurricanes as best as possible, but a hurricane can still cause major damage or even completely demolish a person's home. Most homeowners in Florida have homeowners insurance, but do these policies cover damages caused by hurricanes?

What damages can be pursued in a wrongful death lawsuit?

When a person loses a loved one, it can be a difficult experience. When a loved one dies simply due to old age, their survivors will grieve tremendously, but will understand that this is at least a natural cause of death. However, when a loved one's death is due to the negligence of another, such as in a car crash, the victim's survivors are left with a whole other type of grief highlighted by anger and pain. In such situations, the victim's survivors may want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Despite technological advancements, medication errors can occur

Technology at hospitals in Miami and nationwide has come a long way. Not only have there been advancements in the treatment and diagnostic tools used by physicians and surgeons, but technology has been implemented at a basic care level. However, if this technology is not used properly, or not used at all, it could lead to medical errors that harm patients rather than help them.

Sinkholes in Florida community cause mandatory evacuation

Sinkholes occur in Florida when the bedrock in the ground dissolves, often by water erosion, forming a cavity. Some sinkholes can be quite big and can cause serious structural damage to a person's home. Recently, some Florida residents had to evacuate their homes due to the nearby formation of a number of sinkholes.