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Cruise ship accident victims need a strong advocate on their side

People in Florida who are planning a cruise ship get-away often look forward to their vacation at sea. They anticipate soaking up the sun, dining on fine food and exploring the exciting locales the ship stops at during its journey. What they don't expect, however, is that a cruise ship accident will take place that could lead to serious injuries or even deaths.

Luxury vacations can turn into nightmares when cruise ship accidents occur. For example, many cruise ships are equipped with elaborate swimming pools. However, if these pools are poorly maintained and safety measures are not in place, drowning incidents can occur. While this is one of the most serious accidents that can harm people on cruise ships, there are other dangers on cruise ships that can injure people if the ship isn't kept safe. For example, a slippery deck or uneven carpet could cause a slip-and-fall accident. The failure to follow proper food safety protocols could lead to food poisoning incidents. Sometimes, crimes like assault even take place if proper lighting and security measures are not in place.

People injured on cruise ships may want to determine if they have a cause of action against the cruise ship owners or operators. For example, premises liability laws apply to slip-and-fall accidents on land, but are these laws different at sea? It takes a professional to sort out complicated legal details like this.

At our firm, we understand that the laws that apply to vessels at sea may differ in certain respects from laws that govern accidents on the land. For example, the "statutes of limitations" that applies to cruise ship accidents may differ from incidents that take place on land. Jurisdiction issues may also arise in cruise ship accident cases. Cruise ship owners are going to make every effort to avoid liability, so it is important for cruise ship accident victims to have a strong advocate in their corner who will fight for their rights.

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