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How long does one have to bring a premises liability claim?

A broken handrail, torn carpet or wet floor may seem rather innocuous but, in reality, they can be very dangerous to those who do not know they are there. A person in Florida could slip or trip and fall on these surfaces and become seriously injured in the process. Broken bones, sprains and head injuries are not uncommon in these instances.

It is up to property owners to keep their premises safe for others. If a property owner knows of a dangerous condition on their property, does nothing about it and a person is injured as a result, the victim may have a cause for legal action. However, if a person wishes to pursue a premises liability lawsuit they should not wait too long to do so.

This is because, like other personal injury cases based on negligence, there is a "statute of limitations" on premises liability cases. Per Florida Statutes §95.11, a person only has four years to bring a negligence claim, including a premises liability claim. After the four years have passed, a person no longer is permitted to pursue a lawsuit, even if it would have been valid had it been brought earlier.

Of course, when a person suffers a serious injury on another's property, their initial focus is often on simply regaining their health. However, if a person is severely injured this could be very costly. They will incur medical expenses, lost wages and may experience pain and suffering. A premises liability claim can help a person pursue compensation for these losses. Therefore, it is important for anyone considering such a claim to do so within the statute of limitations, so they have a chance at collecting damages for the injuries they suffered due to a property owner's negligence.

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