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October 2018 Archives

Thousands of fatal crashes occur in Florida every year

Most people in our state do not anticipate that they will be in a fatal car crash. Unfortunately, as statistics show, all too many people are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year. In 2017, there were 2,920 fatal traffic accidents here, which caused 3,117 deaths. In addition, 659 pedestrians were killed after being struck by a vehicle, and 127 bicyclists lost their lives after being hit by a car. So far, 2018 has seen 2,198 fatal traffic accidents, killing 2,360 individuals in our state. Moreover, 518 pedestrians lost their lives after being hit by a car, and 108 bicyclists died in accidents with automobiles.

Can I seek damages after a car crash if I was partially at fault?

Some motor vehicle accidents, while unfortunate, are straight-forward. For example, a drunk driver might rear-end another motorist stopped at a red light. Or, a semi-truck could fail to yield to the right of way of another motorist, resulting in a collision.

Drunk driving fatalities in Florida drop in 2017

Most people in Florida know by now that drunk driving is extremely dangerous. However, that doesn't stop many from getting behind the wheel of a car having had too much to drink. Drunk drivers put not only their safety on the line when they drive, but also the safety of everyone else on the road. However, according to recent data, the number of drunk driving fatalities may be on the downswing.

Texting prescriptions can cause medication errors

Texting is an incredibly convenient form of communication, especially when a person only needs to make a brief comment to another person. However, texting may not be appropriate in all situations. This may especially be true when it comes to one's occupation. For example, potential safety risks to patients in Florida and nationwide arise when their prescriptions are sent to the pharmacist via text message, leading to medication errors.

How is norovirus spread on Florida cruise ships?

People in Florida taking a vacation on a cruise ship may anticipate some seasickness. However, sometimes this sickness is not due to the rolling of the waves, but to unsanitary practices that cause viruses such as norovirus to spread between crew and passengers on the ship.