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Texting prescriptions can cause medication errors

Texting is an incredibly convenient form of communication, especially when a person only needs to make a brief comment to another person. However, texting may not be appropriate in all situations. This may especially be true when it comes to one's occupation. For example, potential safety risks to patients in Florida and nationwide arise when their prescriptions are sent to the pharmacist via text message, leading to medication errors.

For example, using a cellphone rather than a computer to prescribe a medication means that the physician texting the prescription may not have the same access to the patient's medical records that they would have if they were sending or writing a prescription in their clinic. Moreover, it is possible that a physician texting in a prescription could be distracted should they be receiving an incoming text or phone call. Social media notifications and incoming emails could also be distractions.

It is also important to keep in mind that texting in general is an informal means of communication. For example, abbreviations are often used or the device's autocorrect feature could change the message in a way that causes confusion, which could lead to medication errors. Moreover, transcription errors could occur, especially if it is difficult for a pharmacist or other professional to seek clarification regarding a texted prescription.

So, while texting may be good for communicating informal information, it may not be the best choice when it comes to one's medical care. Medication errors can cause a person to suffer serious injury. Not only is their medical condition going untreated when the wrong medication is prescribed, but the incorrect medication could even cause them to suffer a worsened condition due to dangerous side effects. Therefore, those who have been harmed by a medication error, especially if texting played a role in the error, may want to determine whether they can pursue legal action against the responsible parties.

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