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November 2018 Archives

Study examines medication errors in children

Nothing worries a parent in Miami more than to see their child get sick. While run-of-the mill illnesses, such as ear infections and strep throat may not seem like a big deal, it is still important that children receive the right medication needed to combat the infection. If seemingly simple illnesses are not properly treated it could lead to a worsened condition that in some cases could be life-threatening.

Daylight Saving Time can lead to driver fatigue, car accidents

While Miami generally experiences warm temperatures year-round, it is autumn and that means the days are growing shorter, especially now that Daylight Saving Time has passed. Setting the clock back can interfere with a person's sleep cycle, according to the owner of Alliance Insurance Services. This means that driver fatigue can be an issue facing Florida motorists this time of the year.

Injuries occur when cruise ship lists after leaving Florida port

Most people in who take a vacation aboard a cruise ship assume that the vessel is safe. However, sometimes, technical issues can cause a cruise ship to lean in one direction or the other. When a cruise ship tilts, this is known as "listing." And, as one recent incident of a cruise ship listing shows, this issue can cause panic and injuries to those on board.

Where to turn in Florida when your insurance claim is denied

Our state can be a place of paradise for those who live in it, but there are dangers that come with living in the state. For example, hurricanes and sinkholes could cause a person's home to suffer wind damage, water damage or even fire. For these reasons, homeowners here carry home insurance, with the expectation that they will be covered in such circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes a person's initial homeowner's insurance claim for benefits is denied.

Early holiday season shopping could lead to injuries

Now that Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon, people in Miami might be giving a thought to their holiday shopping, particularly Black Friday. Stores offer great deals and are open extended hours at this time of the year to entice shoppers in. However, with an influx of patrons brings the duty for storeowners to be extra-vigilant that their premises are safe for customers.