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Injuries occur when cruise ship lists after leaving Florida port

Most people in who take a vacation aboard a cruise ship assume that the vessel is safe. However, sometimes, technical issues can cause a cruise ship to lean in one direction or the other. When a cruise ship tilts, this is known as "listing." And, as one recent incident of a cruise ship listing shows, this issue can cause panic and injuries to those on board.

Mere hours after departing from Port Canaveral in Florida, the cruise ship, Carnival Sunshine, began to list. This caused swimming pools to spill over, sent dishes and glasses flying off tables and led passengers to panic, scrambling for life jackets. Some passengers experienced cuts and bruises in the incident.

Carnival issued a statement saying that passengers were never in danger and that the ship was safe. According to the captain, the ship listed due to an issue with the fin stabilizers. He claimed that the integrity of the ship and safety of those aboard was never compromised, and that the issue was fixed quickly.

While the cruise line may claim that the listing incident did not put passenger safety at risk, the fact of the matter is that some passengers were injured, and others experienced emotional distress that led them to go home once the ship arrived at the Dominican Republic. Cruise lines may not want to take responsibility for cruise ship accidents, but when they occur, it is important that these entities are held accountable. Listing can be dangerous, and those who are injured in such incidents may want to determine what their legal options are moving forward.

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