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Study examines medication errors in children

Nothing worries a parent in Miami more than to see their child get sick. While run-of-the mill illnesses, such as ear infections and strep throat may not seem like a big deal, it is still important that children receive the right medication needed to combat the infection. If seemingly simple illnesses are not properly treated it could lead to a worsened condition that in some cases could be life-threatening.

However, treating a child is different than treating an adult. Children are smaller than adults, so the dosage of medication they need will likely be less than that an adult will need. Even small medication errors could lead to significant harm. And, there may be many causes for medication errors.

One study examined electronic health records and how they related to medication errors in children. The study analyzed 9,000 patient safety reports dating from 2012 to 2017. It found that of the safety reports studied, 36 percent revealed that a usability issue with electronic health records led to a medication error and over 18 percent of these caused harm to the patient. The study revealed that, of the reports studied, the improper dosing was the most common medication error.

Sometimes a dosage mistake does not cause much harm, but in other cases it could cause severe damage that could lead to extensive medical treatments and long-term health problems. These damages are especially significant when the victim is a child, who has their whole life ahead of them. Therefore, it is important to hold medical professionals who negligently cause medication errors, whether it is due to a mistake in reading an electronic health record or for another reason, legally responsible for their actions. A medical malpractice lawsuit is one way that victims of medication errors can seek the financial compensation they need to become whole again.

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