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Where to turn in Florida when your insurance claim is denied

Our state can be a place of paradise for those who live in it, but there are dangers that come with living in the state. For example, hurricanes and sinkholes could cause a person's home to suffer wind damage, water damage or even fire. For these reasons, homeowners here carry home insurance, with the expectation that they will be covered in such circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes a person's initial homeowner's insurance claim for benefits is denied.

Insurance companies may not fulfill their obligations per the term of the insurance policy. They may refuse to cover necessary repairs to the insured property, even if they are obligated to do so. This could spell out financial disaster for homeowners whose property has been damaged through no fault of their own.

At Greenberg Stone & Urbano, we understand how difficult life can be if a person's homeowner's insurance claim for benefits is denied. While insurance is meant to help a person financially during a time of disaster, insurance companies are generally looking out for their own bottom line and may deny, delay or lowball a policyholder's claim for benefits. We are dedicated to assisting those who have been denied what they are due per their insurance policy.

Sometimes a person must be aggressive when it comes to obtaining the insurance benefits they are entitled to. If this is the case, it can help to have legal assistance during negotiations, alternative dispute resolution proceedings or even litigation should it come to that. When one's home and commercial property insurance claim is denied, the situation may seem hopeless. However, with the assistance of an attorney, policyholders can pursue the benefits they need to get back on their feet financially.

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