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Florida worker dies in garbage truck accident

Residents are hard workers, and when a person has a job operating heavy machinery, one can appreciate the physical labor they undertake every day as part of their job. However, these workers can be especially vulnerable to on-the-job accidents, some of which can be fatal. One recent incident exemplifies how certain jobs may pose the risk of a fatal workplace accident.

A Florida man lost his life on-the-job in an accident involving a Waste Pro garbage truck. The man was in the passenger seat of the garbage truck when the 40,000-pound truck overturned. Police believe the operator of the truck drove to quickly into a curve in the road.

The man tried to exit the garbage truck as it was tipping over. The man became trapped under the truck in the process and did not survive the accident. According to a Waste Pro spokesman, the man's job was to assist drivers in collecting rubbish and items to be recycled.

Normally when a worker loses their life on-the-job, their survivors may be able to pursue death benefits through the state's workers' compensation system. But, in certain circumstances, a victim's survivors may also be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent third-party, if a third-party other than the employer could be held responsible for the worker's death.

Determining whether one can pursue a wrongful death claim following a workplace accident can be complicated. Therefore, those who want more information about how workplace fatalities relate to wrongful death claims will want to seek legal guidance, so they can be better informed on this issue.

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