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How closed head injuries can lead to serious trauma to the brain

Has anyone ever joked with you that you have a "hard head?" If so, that person was pointing out the obvious. The skull is supposed to be strong in order to protect your brain. When it undergoes trauma, it could ultimately affect your brain.

Many of the injuries people suffer to their heads are closed head injuries. This means that there may not be any outward signs of trauma. The most common type of this injury involves bleeding inside your skull, but other things may also cause increased pressure on your brain.

What types of closed head injuries could happen?

In order to answer this question, you may need to know that there are layers of protection between the skull and your brain. When bleeding occurs above the first layer, called the dura matter, it ordinarily comes from arterial bleeding, which happens fast and aggressively. In the alternative, if the bleeding is below the dura matter, it comes from veins, which bleed more slowly and take more time for the blood to accumulate within the skull.

Some fractures are difficult to detect due to their placement or size, but they can be just as life threatening. The result of any of these injuries is increased pressure on your brain. Because the skull is closed and does not "give" in any way, there is nowhere for the fluids to go. Any swelling of your brain will push against the skull. If the pressure is not relieved, it could cause substantial injury to your brain.

You could walk around for hours or even days before a closed head injury could send you to the hospital. During that time, your condition could worsen significantly. The sooner you seek medical attention, the sooner doctors can provide you with the best care possible to give you a chance at a full recovery.

How this differs from a traumatic brain injury

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury, the brain itself sustains an injury. This could occur under any number of circumstances, including in a motor vehicle accident. Your head could hit something within the vehicle or something could fly around within the vehicle and hit your head. A TBI can also occur from the violent back and forth or side to side motion of your head during the impact in which your brain slams against the sides of your skull.

This could cause bleeding as in a closed head injury or damage directly to your brain. Depending on the severity of the injury, you could achieve a full recovery. However, you could just as easily suffer lifelong repercussions from the injury. In any case, you could incur significant financial losses as a result of the negligence of another motorist. Fortunately, Florida law allows you the opportunity to pursue compensation for those and any other recoverable losses you suffered.

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