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January 2019 Archives

Man injured on water ride at a Florida theme park

Florida is famous for its many theme parks. Tourists from all over the world spend their vacations at these theme parks, as do residents of the state. The rides at these theme parks can be thrilling. However, as numerous incidents show, they can also be dangerous.

Seeking resolution through a wrongful death claim

Most people in Florida can relate to the loss of a loved one in some way. Sometimes we lose a loved one to an unpreventable illness or simply old age. The grief that follows such a loss is profound. However, imagine if your loved one's death could have been prevented. That grief is fraught not just with sorrow but also with anger and pain.

Cruise ship to return to Florida port after norovirus outbreak

It is not unusual to hear reports about distressing gastrointestinal illnesses breaking out on cruise ships. Some of these illnesses are due to food poisoning, caused by unsanitary conditions on the ship or due to a lack of safe food handling. Floridians may have recently heard of one breakout of the gastrointestinal illness, norovirus, on a cruise ship that has affected hundreds of passengers.

What are medication errors versus adverse drug events?

When a person in Florida is ill or injured, they put their faith in the expertise of the physician treating them. Unfortunately, sometimes medication errors occur. A medication error is a mistake that happens anywhere along the path of when a medication is prescribed by a physician to when the person being prescribed the drug receives it. For example, a physician may not check for allergies, may administer the wrong drug or the pharmacist could fail to read the doctor's handwriting properly.

Nighttime proves dangerous for Florida pedestrians and cyclists

Some places in Florida, such as major cities, see a large amount of pedestrian and cyclist traffic, even at nighttime. The fact is that pedestrians or cyclists could be out and about at night, even in suburban or rural areas. It is up to motorists to drive with due care to avoid causing auto-pedestrian accidents. However, recent data suggests that pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly being placed at risk of a fatal car crash, especially at night.