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Nighttime proves dangerous for Florida pedestrians and cyclists

Some places in Florida, such as major cities, see a large amount of pedestrian and cyclist traffic, even at nighttime. The fact is that pedestrians or cyclists could be out and about at night, even in suburban or rural areas. It is up to motorists to drive with due care to avoid causing auto-pedestrian accidents. However, recent data suggests that pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly being placed at risk of a fatal car crash, especially at night.

In 2017, nighttime pedestrian and cyclist deaths in motor vehicle accidents grew 46 percent from the number of such fatalities in 2010. In comparison, pedestrian and cyclist deaths in motor vehicle accidents during the daytime rose only 15 percent in that same timeframe. States in the South generally saw a greater per capita rate of nighttime fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists involved in car accidents.

One reason for the uptick in nighttime fatalities may simply amount to the fact that motorists do not anticipate pedestrians or cyclists to be out during the nighttime hours. Even intersections with streetlights are not necessarily safe, as they only light up the top of a pedestrian or cyclist's head, instead of the pedestrian or cyclist's entire profile. In fact, according to government data, one-third of pedestrian and cyclist deaths took place at night in places that were not lit. Surprisingly, even more took place at night in places that were at least somewhat lit. Moreover, the dangers posed by distracted driving are amplified once darkness falls.

So, while lighting up more roadways may help alleviate the problem, it is impossible to light up every single street and highway that might see pedestrian or cyclist traffic. It is still up to motorists to drive with due care, especially at night. If a motorist is distracted, drunk or for some other reason negligently causes a car crash involving a pedestrian or cyclist, the pedestrian or cyclist - or their family should they pass away - will want to determine what legal options they have for holding the responsible party accountable for their actions. A personal injury action or wrongful death claim may be necessary to file for compensation.

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