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February 2019 Archives

'Move Over Month' aims to protect first responders in Florida

States and federal organizations take steps to reduce accidents. This past January was "Move Over Month" in Florida, an initiative that highlighted the state's move over law. Under this law, when a motorist is on a multi-lane road and there is a stopped police car, emergency vehicle, utility worker, tow truck or sanitation worker on the side of the road, if it is safe to do so, the motorist should move one lane over. This is so the motorist can keep a safe distance from these responders so they can perform their duties. If it is a two-lane road or moving over is for some other reason impossible, motorists should travel a minimum of 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit when passing these vehicles.

Can a Florida insurer be held liable for acting in bad faith?

When you own a home or commercial piece of property, it is important to prepare for the worst, such as wind damage or water damage from hurricanes, losses incurred in a fire or damage caused by sinkholes. Therefore, most property owners carry home or commercial property insurance policies. It may seem obvious that if a property owner files a legitimate home or commercial property insurance claim in accordance with the terms of their policy, that claim will be honored, and the property owner will be appropriately reimbursed. However, some insurers in Florida will try to find ways out of having to pay policyholders what they are due.