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March 2019 Archives

When can a retail store be liable for shopping-related injuries?

When a person enters a store in Florida, they usually expect that they will make their intended purchase without incident. However, shopping-related injuries do occur in stores across the Sunshine State. Shopping-related injuries could include anything from slips and falls, to head injuries and overcrowding injuries. While these types of injuries may be more common during popular shopping seasons, any store could overlook a spill on the floor or fail to inspect and maintain their premises at any point in the year.

Should Florida pass tougher laws on distracted driving?

The rapid increase of auto accidents has caused a great deal of concern in Florida and beyond. Despite being aware of the risks involved with texting and operating a vehicle or engaging in any type of behavior while behind the wheel, many drivers still choose to do it. People often believe they are capable of safely multitasking while driving. 

Theme park liability for wrongful deaths in Florida

Florida is home to some of the most popular theme parks in the world, and the highlights of many of these theme parks are roller coasters and other rides. However, these rides can be dangerous, and while rare, it is not unknown for a person to die while on a roller coaster. When this happens, it may be possible to hold the theme park liable for the victim's death through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Cruise ships must do more to stop people from falling overboard

Cruise ships leave Florida ports on a regular basis, full of passengers expecting to have a good time. However, tragic cruise ship accidents can occur, leading to fatalities. For example, from 2000 to 2018, 284 individuals on cruise ships have fallen overboard. This amounts to 1.5 individuals on average falling overboard every month. The cruise ship industry and other groups state that such incidents occur when the victims are being irresponsible, for example, when they are intoxicated or careless. However, others claim this is a pressing problem in the industry that is being ignored.