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When can a retail store be liable for shopping-related injuries?

When a person enters a store in Florida, they usually expect that they will make their intended purchase without incident. However, shopping-related injuries do occur in stores across the Sunshine State. Shopping-related injuries could include anything from slips and falls, to head injuries and overcrowding injuries. While these types of injuries may be more common during popular shopping seasons, any store could overlook a spill on the floor or fail to inspect and maintain their premises at any point in the year.

Shopping-related injuries can be very serious, leading to costly medical bills, lost time at work and a life that may never be the same again. Thus, Floridians injured in shopping-related accidents may want to determine what they can do to hold the responsible party accountable for the incident. For some, this means pursuing a premises liability claim.

In general, stores are liable for injuries patrons suffer on their premises if the following elements are met. First, the store owner must have known or should have known that a dangerous condition was present on their premises. Second, the store owner must not have performed regular inspections for dangerous conditions or inadequately maintained their premises in a way that allowed dangerous conditions to form or go unfixed.

Third, the patron must have suffered injuries due to the dangerous condition on the store premises, and had those dangerous conditions not been there, the patron would not have suffered any injuries. Fourth, there must be a connection between the dangerous condition and the injury the patron suffered. Finally, the patron must have incurred actual damages due to the incident.

Liability for shopping-related injuries is determined on a case-by-case basis, so the right course of action for you may differ from the information found in this post. In the end, readers who have suffered a shopping-related injury are encouraged to determine what options they might have for compensation so they can take the actions necessary in his or her situation.

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