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Homeowners' insurers should not wrongfully deny claims

Owning a home can be a source of pride, and many homeowners in Florida take great lengths to care for their home. Unfortunately, disasters such as fires, sinkholes, hurricanes or strong winds could all cause significant damage to one's home. In such situations, homeowners may feel relieved that they have homeowner's insurance.

However, it is not unusual for a person's home and commercial property insurance claim to be denied. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you feel you have a valid claim and should be compensated. Unfortunately, insurance companies are ultimately businesses that are looking out for their bottom line. They will try to underscore the value of a person's claim or will deny it altogether.

If a person's property is damaged, they may need assistance when it comes to filing a property insurance claim or pursuing legal action if their claim is denied. At our firm, we have over 130 years of combined experience in handling such cases. We know what it takes to go up against insurance companies and secure a fair outcome for our clients. If the insurance company is violating the terms of our clients' insurance policies, we will do all we can to help our clients obtain what they are entitled to.

Filing a homeowner's insurance claim should not be difficult, but unfortunately many claims are denied, necessitating legal action. Sometimes it is possible to resolve such issues out-of-court, but sometimes it is necessary to pursue a lawsuit against the insurance company based on bad faith or breach of contract. Homeowner's insurance is meant to protect a person in the event of a disaster. People should be able to collect what they are entitled to if they have a valid claim, and our law firm will do all we can to make sure this happens for our clients.

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