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June 2019 Archives

What is a wrongful death?

The loss of a loved one is a tragic event in the life of a Miami resident. When that loss is unexpected, however, a person may suffer more significantly because they did not have time to stay goodbye or prepare for their loved one's death. When a death happens because of the actions of another party, that death may be considered wrongful if certain factors are present.

How can I protect myself in a slip and fall?

No one wants to experience a fall, but it can happen to anyone. Older people are particularly susceptible to falls, due to many physiological and cognitive changes that can come with age. A quarter of adults older than 65 experience a fall every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 20% of those falls will result in serious injury. Strangely, adults aged 50-60 experience even more falls, due to their increased activity over those who are older than them.

Medication errors in emergency settings

When an accident happens and victims are hurt, emergency medical personnel must move quickly to stabilize those who are harmed and transport them to trauma centers where they can receive further medical care. In some cases, Florida EMTs may have to administer certain medications to victims to provide them with pain management and to stop further harm from happening in their bodies. In these frenetic environments, medication errors can happen and patients can suffer additional serious harm.