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Medication errors in emergency settings

When an accident happens and victims are hurt, emergency medical personnel must move quickly to stabilize those who are harmed and transport them to trauma centers where they can receive further medical care. In some cases, Florida EMTs may have to administer certain medications to victims to provide them with pain management and to stop further harm from happening in their bodies. In these frenetic environments, medication errors can happen and patients can suffer additional serious harm.

A medication error happens when a patient gets a drug that they should not receive. While not all medication errors will cause drastic suffering to those who are affected, medication errors can result in delayed treatments, serious allergic reactions, worsened conditions and other problems. While EMTs work hard to provide the best possible care to their patients, medication errors often do happen because of negligent practices.

For example, when a medication is administered without first checking a person's size or weight, they may be given too much or too little of a drug. Additionally, when a patient is given what an EMT thinks is the right dose of a drug without the EMT first confirming that their memory is correct, that patient may suffer the consequences of a medication error.

Time is not a luxury that most EMT and other emergency personnel have. Unfortunately, though, when they work quickly and without regard to ensuring the safety of their patients, dangerous medication errors can and do happen. Medication errors can also happen in hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies and other medical environments and when they do victims may seek compensation for the losses they have had to endure.

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