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Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident?

Trips, slips and falls happen every day to Florida residents who are unlucky enough to encounter dangerous surfaces. Though some falls occur because of the general clumsiness of individuals, many happen when property owners fail to maintain their premises in a safe and orderly way. Individuals may be hurt when they slide on wet or slick floors, trip over uneven pavement or floor coverings or stumble over debris that is left in their paths.

Whether a person may sue for the injuries that they suffer in a slip and fall accident will greatly depend on their purpose for being in the location where their harm happened. For example, if a person is invited onto the property of another person, such as when they are a social guest at a private residence or a shopper at an open store, then they may reasonably expect that the property on which they will visit will be free from hazards.

However, if a person trespasses onto the land of another person, their rights to sue may not be as strong. While land owners generally have a duty to warn known trespassers of dangers that lurk on their properties, they do not have such a duty to trespassers whose presence on their land is undiscovered to them.

Questions regarding slips, falls and property-based personal injuries should be asked of practicing attorneys in the state of Florida. These legal professionals can provide readers with complete answers to their case-specific questions. Slip and fall accidents can be dangerous and costly to victims, and the law addresses just how property owners should be found liable for their potential liability.

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