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Common causes of medication errors

A medication error can be a life-threatening event in the life of a Miami resident. Not only may the victim suffer complications from ingesting the wrong drug, but the treatment of their medical condition may also be delayed as they fail to receive the drug therapy that they were prescribed. Medication errors are unfortunately common in the United States, and this post will address some of the most common ways that they occur. Individuals who read this post are reminded, though, that its contents offer no legal or medical advice.

Communication deficiencies may be one of the most common causes of medication mistakes for many victims. When doctors and medical staff members fail to effectively communicate between themselves, patients may be given the wrong drugs, the wrong dosages of drugs or be subjected to other medication-based mistakes. Additionally, communication problems between patients and doctors can also lead to erroneous medication prescriptions and dosages.

The shorthand that medical professionals use to abbreviate long medication names can also cause medication errors for patients. When doctors and pharmacists misinterpret truncated medication names on patients' records, patients may be given the wrong drugs for their medical needs.

Patients can take a proactive role in preventing medication errors by staying on top of their records and asking questions of the doctors, pharmacists and other medical providers on their teams. Medication errors may be a form of medical malpractice, and individuals who suffer damages as a result of getting the wrong drugs may have legal claims. Further questions about litigation based on medication error cases should be directed to legal professionals who represent victims of personal injury accidents.

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