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What role may negligence play in a car accident case?

Automobile collisions happen all of the time on the roads and highways across Miami. When they occur, accidents can leave their victims with pain, suffering and long-term injuries. While many victims may wish to move beyond their accidents as quickly as possible so that they can get back to living their lives, some may struggle to do so, as they fight to pay for their medical bills, cover their lost wages and cope with their new realities.

Victims of car accidents and other personal injury events can, under some circumstances, sue for the recovery of their losses. A lawsuit initiates litigation, and when a victim begins a lawsuit, they must base their claims on a theory of law. For personal injury cases, negligence is often that theory.

A person is considered negligent if they fail to meet their duty of care to others and cause others injuries that result in losses to their victims. In the case of a car accident, a driver has a duty to others to act reasonably when behind the wheel of their car; if they run a red light because they are texting and driving and collide with another car, the texting driver may be liable for the other's losses because of their driving negligence.

This post should not be read as legal advice for anyone, and all negligence claims should be reviewed with personal injury attorneys before they are pursued. Individuals who have suffered losses in car accidents may have additional options for recovering their losses, and different legal claims may exist based on the factual circumstances of different car accident cases.

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