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An overview of wrongful death laws in Florida

The death of a loved one may be difficult no matter what the circumstances are of their passing. When a person dies because of an unexpected accident or incident, though, it can be hard for their surviving loved ones to move forward due to their shock and grief. In Florida, when accidents and negligence-based incidents occur, lawsuits based on wrongful deaths can sometimes be pursued to benefit those who have tragically been left behind.

A wrongful death is one that is caused by another person. Wrongful deaths result from accidents like car collisions and premises liability events. They also occur when contracts and warranties are breached, and can also result from wrongful and criminal conduct. Wrongful deaths can happen in hospitals, on roads, on private properties and practically anywhere else that Floridians may go.

When a wrongful death occurs a family may be left without a means to support itself or a way to pay for the decedent's funeral. Therefore, wrongful death claims may be pursued by the administrators of wrongful death victims' estates to benefit those who have been left behind. Closely related family members and dependents may be benefited from wrongful death claims, as can the estates of wrongful death victims.

Victims of wrongful death events cannot pursue their own losses, and so their surviving loved ones and dependents can recover related losses through these personal injury-based claims. Wrongful death claims are subject to a statute of limitations, and individuals who wish to pursue them should talk to their personal injury attorneys. This post should not be used as legal guidance, as it only provides general information in this matter.

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