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Common forms of medication errors

Mistakes with medications are a serious problem in American medical facilities and can cause serious harm and even death to Florida victims. There are different ways that these often preventable incidents occur, and when patients are aware of how they happen they can take proactive steps to protect their own health and the health of those that they love. While this post provides useful information, it should not be read as legal advice or guidance.

Medication errors can happen at every step in the process of getting a drug therapy to a person. It may happen when a doctor picks a medication for their patient. If that medication will not serve to heal their needs or will be detrimental to their condition then the selection may constitute a medication error. Also, a doctor's failure to clearly write down a medication's name or dose may result in a person receiving the wrong medication.

Errors in medication distribution happen when pharmacists make mistakes. A pharmacist may grab the wrong drug off of their shelves to fill a prescription or may erroneously enter the wrong dosage on the medication's label. Individuals, medical staff and others can commit medication errors if they fail to properly give patients the right amount of the drugs they are required to take: the administration of medications can be problematic and can result in medication errors.

Medication errors can result in patients failing to heal, suffering deteriorating conditions and even dying from other people's negligence. When harm follows a medication error, the victim may have rights to seek compensation for their suffering and losses. Personal injury attorneys can support victims of this common form of medical harm.

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