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Trespassers and premises liability rights

Dangerous property conditions can be hidden throughout homes, businesses and other types of properties. When Florida residents are granted permission to enter into these places by the owners of the land or buildings, they may expect some level of safety. Property owners who allow others to enter into the land or structures effectively take on a duty of care to ensure that they have acted reasonably in the preparation of safeguarding their physical spaces.

However, if a land or property owner does not know that someone is coming on their land then their duty may be quite different. A person who enters illegally onto the property of another person is considered a trespasser, and they have very few rights if they are harmed while illegally crossing onto such land. Property owners cannot anticipate the actions of trespassers; therefore, they cannot adequately prepare their properties for them to keep them safe.

Some property owners choose to post signs on their land to warn trespassers from crossing. When a trespasser has notice that they are about to enter onto private property where they do not have permission to be, they may face challenges if they are hurt and try to sue the property owner for the recovery of their damages. Individual cases involving trespassers, property rights and premises liability claims should be brought up with readers' individual attorneys.

Trespassing is illegal and trespassers do not have the same rights as individuals who have permission to enter onto other people's land. This post provides no legal advice and individuals should seek independent legal counsel with premises liability and land questions arise. This can help ensure that one's rights and interests are protected.

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