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What To Do If You’re Injured On a Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise can be exciting, fun-filled, and just the getaway you need. However, if the cruise staff acts negligently, your vacation could end in ways you’d never expect.

Read on to learn what to do if you become injured on a cruise ship.

Steps to Take

If you become injured on a cruise ship for any reason, you should take the following steps:

  1. Report the incident immediately

  2. Obtain the names and contact information of passengers or crew that can attest to the incident

  3. Attain written statements from witnesses

  4. Take images when relevant

  5. File a claim within the time limits listed on the back of your cruise ticket

The sooner you complete the aforementioned steps, the better off you’ll be when you need to recover the losses related to your injuries. So don’t wait; handle the situation right away.

Common Injuries Aboard Cruise Ships

There are seemingly endless ways that you can get hurt on a cruise ship, but some injuries occur more often than others. The following are some of the most frequent injuries that happen aboard cruise ships:

  • Slips and falls - You may suffer a slip and fall injury in many different ways while aboard a cruise ship. Most cruises feature swimming pools, restaurants, dance halls, and at times, slippery decks. Be sure to document the elements that led to your injury, and take images of the injured part(s) of your body. Similarly, record whether there was an acceptable warning of the slippery environment.

  • Food poisoning - One batch of contaminated food can make its way around a cruise ship very quickly. Check the back of your ticket, because there may be a provision that allows you to receive a refund if you endure food poisoning. An attorney will have the ability to look over your case for a possible lawsuit for negligence.

  • Missing persons - In 2011, the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act was signed into law. This law requires cruise ships to report all crimes and disappearances that involve United States citizens to the Coast Guard and FBI. Missing persons can be pronounced dead if a search and rescue attempt proves to be fruitless or after a particular number of years goes by.

  • Sexual assault and rape - Before the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act, sexual assault and other crimes were not easily investigated. Maritime law makes sure that ship operators are held responsible for intentional criminal acts that are engaged by employees against passengers or other employees. If you are a victim of rape or another form of sexual assault, you should report it to the ship authorities right away. The ship authorities are then legally required to submit a report of the incident.

  • Wrongful death - If someone you love was wrongfully killed on a cruise ship, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit if the courts determine that the cruise ship operator acted negligently. The death of a cruise ship passenger could be the result of a suicide, accidental drowning, or foul play by another passenger, along with operator negligence. Wrongful death cases rely significantly on the evidence presented.

We’re Here to Support You

If you find yourself injured aboard a cruise ship, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Our attorneys here at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano are highly experienced in cruise ship personal injury cases and have helped many others in situations just like yours attain the compensation they deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm with your case right away. After all, it’s your health that’s on the line.

Call Greenberg, Stone & Urbano today at (305) 692-0055 to speak with a Miami attorney about your cruise ship injury case.


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