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Aircraft Accidents Archives

Plane Accident Kills Nine People from South Florida

Our Miami aircraft disaster lawyers discuss a plane accident that occurred in Ohio recently and claimed the lives of nine individuals from the South Florida area. The chartered plane departed from Fort Lauderdale, and stopped in St. Paul, Minnesota and Moline, Illinois before landing in Cincinnati, Ohio. The plane then departed from Cincinnati and stopped in Dayton. As it approached the Akron Fulton International airport, it suddenly crashed. The 10 seat plane hit utility wires and the left wing hit the ground before crashing into a four unit apartment building, sparking a fire that burned down the building. Fortunately, no one was home in any of the buildings. Sadly, everyone aboard the plane perished in the crash. Plane crash victims include two executives and five employees from Pebb Enterprises, a real estate development company based out of Boca Raton.

Kansas Family Tragically Dies From Small Plane Crash in Florida Swamps

The convenience of small, privately owned planes today has allowed families who can afford it to fly themselves to their favorite vacation spots and business meetings . But when all family members are together in one small plane, any crash is likely to end each family member's life. In June of 2012, after vacationing in the Bahamas, a family of six died on their way back home to Kansas when they were flying through Florida and their small plane crashed. This family suffered the worse tragedy possible - all six of them lost their lives.