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Boating Accidents Archives

Miami Boating Accident Injuries Nightclub Promoter and Girlfriend

The latest in a series of South Florida boating accidents involves a well-known nightclub promoter and his severely injured girlfriend. A video clip has emerged depicting the small pleasure craft racing towards a seawall near Miami Beach. The speeding boat T-bones the concrete wall, as Coast Guard personnel race to the scene. The boat then slowly emerged and began to drift into Biscayne Bay.

Family Boat Trip Costs Man his Life

In August, a man took his friend, his daughter, and several other boys on a boating trip in the Florida Keys. When one of the young boys started to struggle while swimming off of the boat, Brian Kowalski did not hesitate to jump into the water to save the child from the rip currents that were pulling him away from the boat. He was able to save the child but lost his life in the effort.