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Common forms of medication errors

Mistakes with medications are a serious problem in American medical facilities and can cause serious harm and even death to Florida victims. There are different ways that these often preventable incidents occur, and when patients are aware of how they happen they can take proactive steps to protect their own health and the health of those that they love. While this post provides useful information, it should not be read as legal advice or guidance.

Common causes of medication errors

A medication error can be a life-threatening event in the life of a Miami resident. Not only may the victim suffer complications from ingesting the wrong drug, but the treatment of their medical condition may also be delayed as they fail to receive the drug therapy that they were prescribed. Medication errors are unfortunately common in the United States, and this post will address some of the most common ways that they occur. Individuals who read this post are reminded, though, that its contents offer no legal or medical advice.

Medication errors in emergency settings

When an accident happens and victims are hurt, emergency medical personnel must move quickly to stabilize those who are harmed and transport them to trauma centers where they can receive further medical care. In some cases, Florida EMTs may have to administer certain medications to victims to provide them with pain management and to stop further harm from happening in their bodies. In these frenetic environments, medication errors can happen and patients can suffer additional serious harm.

Medication errors linked to electronic health records

As technology improved over the ages, and the use of computers became increasingly common. Thus, health care professionals in Florida and across the nation, backed by a law passed by the federal government, moved from keeping paper medical records to keeping electronic health records. The idea was that electronic records would reduce medical errors, and they would provide patients with a portable system in which they could easily share their medical history with any other health care provider -- something that could prove invaluable in a life-threatening emergency.

What abbreviations are prone to lead to medication errors?

It may seem that as more hospitals and medical centers in Florida move towards electronic systems for prescribing medications, that sloppy handwriting on the part of physicians is no longer an issue. However, whether a prescription is sent electronically to pharmacy or a physician handwrites a prescription, medication errors can still occur. Part of the problem is that certain abbreviations used in prescriptions can be confused with other abbreviations, and, thus, they should not be used.

What are medication errors versus adverse drug events?

When a person in Florida is ill or injured, they put their faith in the expertise of the physician treating them. Unfortunately, sometimes medication errors occur. A medication error is a mistake that happens anywhere along the path of when a medication is prescribed by a physician to when the person being prescribed the drug receives it. For example, a physician may not check for allergies, may administer the wrong drug or the pharmacist could fail to read the doctor's handwriting properly.

Study examines medication errors in children

Nothing worries a parent in Miami more than to see their child get sick. While run-of-the mill illnesses, such as ear infections and strep throat may not seem like a big deal, it is still important that children receive the right medication needed to combat the infection. If seemingly simple illnesses are not properly treated it could lead to a worsened condition that in some cases could be life-threatening.

Texting prescriptions can cause medication errors

Texting is an incredibly convenient form of communication, especially when a person only needs to make a brief comment to another person. However, texting may not be appropriate in all situations. This may especially be true when it comes to one's occupation. For example, potential safety risks to patients in Florida and nationwide arise when their prescriptions are sent to the pharmacist via text message, leading to medication errors.

Can a centralized medical list reduce medication errors?

People in Miami may be surprised to hear that, despite advancements in technology centralizing their medical records in one database, there is not one up-to-date record available of what medications -both prescription and over-the-counter -- they are taking, except for the knowledge the person carries him or herself. This has significant, negative consequences that could harm patients.

Anesthesiologists can make medication errors, harming patients

Entering the operating room can be frightening. People in Florida may fear that something will go wrong during the procedure that could cause them harm. They may even fear they may not survive the surgery. When a person must undergo an operation, they depend on all medical professionals involved to ensure the procedure runs smoothly and without complications.