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Pharmacy/Prescription Errors Archives

Wrong Doses Given to Patients

According to thespec.com, Ontario's cancer care agency has discovered that about 1,000 patients being treated with chemotherapy last year were given a watered-down treatment that contained a lower dose of the medication than was originally prescribed. These patients were being treated for diseases that included breast, lung and bladder cancers.

Jury Finds Walgreens Liable For Prescription Error That Caused Stroke

A jury in New Orleans has found pharmacy giant Walgreens liable for the stroke suffered by a woman due to a prescription error made by its employees. The woman has been awarded $1 million in damages. According to nola.com, a Walgreens pharmacy gave her anti-psychotic pills instead of her high blood pressure medication, causing her to suffer a stroke more than five years ago. Walgreens never denied that its employees made the mistake.

Medication Errors In Hospitals Common With Children

A recent study in Canada suggests that the heavy workload of nurses, as well as distraction and poor communication are the most common causes of medication errors with children in hospitals. Moreover, the study suggests that the use of drugs approved for adults in children is a serious problem. Given a child's unique physiology, especially their weight, a mistake administering these drugs originally formulated for adult physiology can have deadly implications.

Prescription Errors Are More Common Than Previously Thought

According to inquisitr.com, separate studies recently performed in Canadian hospitals showed that medication errors are far more common than previously believed and that they include a variety of cases that go from mix-up of drugs to wrong drug interactions.