Cemetery Fraud

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the most emotional and sensitive times of a person's life. What does a family do during such a time when confronted with an additional, serious grievance — namely, improper, inappropriate or even illegal practices by cemeteries and funeral homes? As impossible as it is to believe, cemetery fraud does occur, along with improper burial and other burial problems, and fraudulent selling of occupied plots.

Florida Laws Regulate Cemeteries and Funeral Homes

Florida has specific laws designed to ensure that cemeteries and funeral service providers adhere to a high set of standards in honoring the wishes of the deceased and their surviving families. The Florida Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services Act is an extensive set of laws that establishes the minimum qualifications for and regulates the professions and occupations associated with embalming, funeral directing, cremation and the handling of human remains. The law provides swift and effective discipline for those practitioners who violate the law and in some cases may even provide for punitive damages.

Experienced South Florida Law Firm Represents Families in Cemetery Cases
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The AV-rated* South Florida law firm of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, has litigated and consulted on a variety of cemetery scandal cases brought against cemeteries, including cases involving the fraudulent selling of occupied plots and the improper burial of individuals.

Family Sues Over Missing Remains: In one high-profile case that has been featured in multiple South Florida news media outlets, Greenberg, Stone & Urbano is representing a woman and her two children who learned that their father/grandfather was missing from his burial plot at Dade South Memorial Park after being laid to rest 17 years earlier. The family learned of this horror in October 2007, after the man's wife passed away and the plot was opened so they could be buried together according to their wishes. SCI, the largest cemetery and funeral service company in the world and the owner of Dade South Memorial Park, initially had no idea where the body was. SCI later learned that he had been buried improperly in the wrong plot. SCI was the company sued in the now-infamous Menorah Gardens cemetery cases in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

The lawyers of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano recognize the importance of handling the deceased with dignity and the horrific impact that cemetery fraud or negligence has on a family. We are in regular contact with the victimized family in the case against Dade South Memorial Gardens, comforting them in their time of need and making every effort to ensure that the cemetery does not add further to their grief.

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