Miami Drowning Accident Attorneys

Pursuing Compensation for Wrongful Death Suffered in South Florida Aquatic Accidents

The waterways and recreational opportunities available in South Florida attract people from throughout the state as well as tourists from across the U.S. to enjoy our beaches, lakes, rivers, water parks and resorts.  While the diversity of our water recreation activities draws people from across the country and around the world, drowning accidents are an inherent risk that accompanies water-related activities whether the activity is swimming, boating, wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing or any other of the myriad of watersports that are so popular in Miami and throughout Florida. 

 Even when someone survives an accident while suffering a near drowning, the deprivation of oxygen to the brain can cause permanent brain damage that limits cognitive functions, sensation, capacity for speech, mobility and other fundamental physical and mental functions.  Families of drowning victims may suffer both devastating emotional pain and calamitous financial hardships.  The cost of permanent intensive care for someone who has suffered catastrophic brain injury can easily exceed a million dollars during the lifetime of the victim.  Our Miami drowning accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, P.A understand the challenges faced by drowning victims and their loved ones when someone drowns or suffers permanent brain damage in a near drowning accident.  Whether we are pursuing a personal injury claim for catastrophic brain damage or a wrongful death lawsuit, we represent drowning accident victims with tenacity, compassion and competence.  Our South Florida drowning accident law firm has been providing a voice for drowning victims who die or suffer injury because of the negligence of others for three decades.

The Miami drowning accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, P.A have the experience, resources and commitment to obtain the compensation our clients deserve.  Stewart G. Greenberg and Mark D. Stone have over half a century of combined experience representing those who suffer serious personal injury or wrongful death, which includes representing victims involved in drowning and near drowning incidents.  Mr. Greenberg, the law firm’s managing partner, has taken over 100 personal injury cases to trial and obtained settlements in more than a thousand more cases as had Mark Stone.  We have built our reputation for aggressive negotiation and tenacious litigation on behalf of our clients by utilizing creative litigation strategies, well regarded experts and innovative approaches to challenging litigation issues.

The Scope and Cause of Drowning and Near Drowning Accidents in South Florida

 Drowning constitutes the fourth leading cause of accidental death in the U.S and the second leading cause of death for kids under the age of 15.  Approximately, 4,000 people per year drown in swimming pools, jacuzzis, bath tubs, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water.  One in three people who drown is a child under the age of 14.  Of these children, one in in five drowns in a public pool where a lifeguard  is supposed to be on duty.  For every child that drowns, there are four children who suffer serious injury in near drowning incidents.  Tragically, fifteen percent of these near drownings result in the death of the child at the hospital while another 25 percent result in a brain injury that causes some level of permanent impairment.

Florida drowning accidents can happen in a broad range of environments so the types of unreasonably unsafe or reckless conduct that cause these incidents  vary widely.  Whether a person drowns while riding a jet ski because the personal watercraft (PWC) malfunctions because of a product defect or improper maintenance or a small child falls into a swimming pool because a neighbor forgets to lock a gate, we have the necessary experience, legal knowledge and access to experts to aggressively pursue the compensation that families need after the tragic loss of a loved one or that a near drowning victim needs to provide life-time supportive care.

 The broad range of experience our litigation team brings to a Florida drowning accident claim enables us to provide effective representation in the wake of a wide range of drowning accidents that include:

·         Drowning accidents caused by product defects associated with personal watercrafts and boats

·         Pool drowning accidents caused by lack of adequately trained lifeguards

·         Water park accidents caused by lax safety procedures, lack of staffing or inadequately trained employees

·         Drowning incidents caused by drain entrapment

·         Boating accidents caused by drunk or distracted operators

·         Drowning caused by lack of instructions or malfunctioning equipment used in scuba diving or other watersports

·         Child drowning accidents resulting from inadequate supervision or insufficient pool enclosure

These are just a few examples of common types of incidents for which our Miami drowning accident attorneys provide legal representation.  When a person drowns or suffers serious injury in an aquatic accident, the property owner whether public, private or commercial may be responsible for the safety of guests engaged in water-related activities.  When the accident occurs in a lake or public beach a texting lifeguard or negligent beach patrol may provide the basis for imposing financial responsibility based on improper supervision.  If a drowning accident occurs at a Florida resort or waterpark, the owners may be liable for negligent maintenance, staffing, training or supervision of the recreational site.  The owner of a private residence may be liable for failing to have a fence that complies with building code requirements or failing to lock the pool gate to prevent a small child from wandering into the pool area.

Compensation for Brain Damage and Wrongful Death in Miami Water Related Accidents

Our Miami drowning accident attorneys use carefully selected experts and conduct a prompt investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding drowning accidents so that we can develop a compelling legal and factual basis when negotiating with insurance carriers.  Because we have a history of dozens of successful trial results, insurance carriers recognize that we are not simply posturing to settle a case.  If our clients cannot obtain an offer that is appropriate, we are prepared to engage in persuasive advocacy in front of the judge and/or jury.

While the emotional toll on the family of a drowning victim is devastating, the financial consequences can also have an enormous impact.  If a family breadwinner drowns after falling from a boat piloted by an intoxicated operator, a family may need the resources available in a wrongful death lawsuit to compensate for the loss of the family’s primary source of financial support.  Even when a person survives a Florida near drowning accident, he or she may suffer permanent catastrophic injuries including:

·         Spinal cord damage

·         Complications from oxygen deprivation

·         Brain damage

·         Nerve damage

The immediate cost of medical treatment for a brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation has been estimated at approximately $75,000 with annual costs associated with ongoing treatment, therapy and rehabilitation totaling as much as $ 1,000,000 per year.  Because these costs can easily exceed millions of  dollars, families of drowning and near drowning victims may find that the financial pressure resulting from a drowning or near drowning accident may intensify the emotional hardships associated with serious injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Our experienced Miami drowning attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano offer a free consultation which allows us an opportunity to evaluate your legal claim and explain your options.  We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation at no charge by contacting us at (888) 499-9700 or (305)595-2400.  Injury victims and their families are also encouraged to contact us by submitting a case inquiry form.