Homeowner’s Claims for Broken Tiles

Many homeowners presume that they have no recourse if the tile in their home cracks or chips when a picture falls off the wall, or tiles are damaged when a pipe in the kitchen bursts. While some people presume that the damage from a single tile or several tiles in a small area in their home does not warrant an insurance claim, many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover broken tiles. Even when an insured does make a claim with his or her homeowner’s insurer, the policyholder often accepts the replacement of only one or two tiles when this limited remedy will not actually compensate the owner for the loss. The replacement tiles might not match tiles throughout the room or residence, so the aesthetic appeal and resale value of the home is diminished by such half measures.

Depending on the terms of your homeowner’s insurance coverage and the circumstances of your loss, you might be entitled to have the tile throughout your home replaced or repaired. The insurance carrier might pay for removal of the tile, replacement with new tiles, and installation of new cabinets and other fixtures built on top of the tile. If you are considering filing a broken tile claim, our experienced Miami broken tile homeowner’s claims attorneys can review your policy to evaluate your coverage and determine if you have a valid right to compensation. Unlike many law firms, our lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have experience representing policyholders involved in disputed broken tile claims.

While tile damage is most typically caused by sudden and accidental falling objects that crack, chip, or break tiles, there are other ways that tiles can get damaged. Toxic mold, water damage, roof leaks, and damaged electrical wiring can damage tiles. When shoddy partial repairs are performed, the safety and value of your home will be compromised. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover tile damage, so you might be entitled to have some or all of your tile flooring in your home replaced.

Homeowners might have spare tiles that can be used to perform repairs in a manner that maintains the uniform appearance of the floor, but more extensive areas of the floor might need to be replaced when an insured does not have access to tiles from the same lot. Our broken tile insurance claims team of estimators, investigators, and Miami homeowner's claim lawyers can inspect your tile damage and discuss your situation. Greenberg, Stone & Urbano can evaluate your right to bring a claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy. We will also analyze the proper scope of the claim, which might require repairing the broken tiles, tiles throughout the room or entire home, and even cabinets or built-in furniture or appliances that rest on the tile.

If the tile in your home has been damaged, we invite you to call Greenberg, Stone & Urbano to arrange your free consultation. One of our broken tile insurance claims lawyers will investigate the facts and circumstances of your situation and evaluate your right to pursue a homeowner’s insurance claim. Call us today at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 592-2400.