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Daylight Saving Time can lead to driver fatigue, car accidents

While Miami generally experiences warm temperatures year-round, it is autumn and that means the days are growing shorter, especially now that Daylight Saving Time has passed. Setting the clock back can interfere with a person's sleep cycle, according to the owner of Alliance Insurance Services. This means that driver fatigue can be an issue facing Florida motorists this time of the year.

Can I seek damages after a car crash if I was partially at fault?

Some motor vehicle accidents, while unfortunate, are straight-forward. For example, a drunk driver might rear-end another motorist stopped at a red light. Or, a semi-truck could fail to yield to the right of way of another motorist, resulting in a collision.

Drunk driving fatalities in Florida drop in 2017

Most people in Florida know by now that drunk driving is extremely dangerous. However, that doesn't stop many from getting behind the wheel of a car having had too much to drink. Drunk drivers put not only their safety on the line when they drive, but also the safety of everyone else on the road. However, according to recent data, the number of drunk driving fatalities may be on the downswing.

Drunk driving is a major problem on U.S. roadways

This past Labor Day weekend was a time for many Floridians to relax and celebrate the end of summer. Many people, however, may have overindulged when it comes to alcohol. This overindulgence becomes a problem when a person chooses to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk.

Car accidents involving pedestrians are on the rise, report says

While summer may be a scorcher in the Sunshine State, the rest of the year the weather in Florida is pleasant enough to take a walk. Some people walk for exercise, some people walk as a more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly means of getting from point A to point B and some people walk simply because it may be more convenient for them than driving. However, car accidents involving pedestrians in Florida and nationwide are on a dangerous rise.

Car accident statistics from 2016 show interesting results

Memorial Day is behind us, and the unofficial start of summer has begun. Over the next few months, Florida residents and tourists to the state will go to barbecues, head to the beach, go to one of the state's many theme parks, go camping and, in general, enjoy the activities the season has to offer. However, some people will find that their summer fun has turned to tragedy due to a car accident. Some of these accidents will be caused by negligent driving or drunk driving. And, statistics from a 2016 report by the state show that drunk driving accidents and accidents all around are still a problem in Florida.

Identifying the symptoms of whiplash after a car accident

No one expects to be involved in an auto accident, but unfortunately these collisions happen every day across the state. When a person's car is rear-ended or is forced to crash into the driver in front of them, the impact of the collision may cause the person's head to suddenly jerk back and forth, sometimes multiple times. This could lead to an injury known as "whiplash." It is important for people in Miami to be aware of the symptoms of whiplash, so they can be on the lookout for them if they are in a car accident.

Could self-driving cars reduce the number of car accidents?

While they may have once been the stuff of science fiction, self-driving cars are becoming a reality in Miami and nationwide. One of the hopes of these autonomous vehicles is that they will reduce the number of car accidents. However, are self-driving cars really safer than traditional human-driven vehicles?

Eight people injured in car accident involving a school bus

The morning routine for many children in Florida involves getting on the big yellow school bus. Most of the time these trips to and from school are uneventful, as they should be. However, no matter how carefully the bus driver operates his or her vehicle, you can't control the actions of others on the road, as one recent incident shows.

How should you react after a car accident?

Car accidents are simultaneously common and, for some people, rare. There are many drivers out there who have never had to deal with a car accident in their life. They are the lucky ones. Others still have been in an accident or two in their lives, but they were minor in nature. These fender benders may not be fully resolved as easily as you would think -- given the nature of insurance companies -- but they aren't as bad as serious car accidents.