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Dive boat fire claims dozens of lives

A dive boat is a vessel that carries scuba divers and other water recreationalists to sites in the water that would be otherwise difficult to access. In Florida, dive boats take individuals to exceptional dive sites in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Like other vessels, dive boats must be properly maintained in order to keep them working and safe; when incidents happen on the water, extreme tragedies can result.

Representation for victims of cruise ship accidents

For many Americans, taking a cruise is the ultimate escape from reality. Not only can a person experience luxury and comfort that is unmatched in other venues, but they can also travel to remote destinations without ever having to get on a cramped and crowded airplane. Florida is a popular place for cruises to start and for visitors to flock to when they start their vacations.

Who is liable for cruise ship accidents?

Florida is a popular place to board a cruise ship for a relaxing vacation on the ocean, and in fact, many major cruise lines are headquartered in the Sunshine State. However, for some people a dream vacation aboard a cruise ship turns into a nightmare if they are injured in a cruise ship accident. If this happens, cruise ship accident victims may wonder who they can hold responsible for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Cruise ships must do more to stop people from falling overboard

Cruise ships leave Florida ports on a regular basis, full of passengers expecting to have a good time. However, tragic cruise ship accidents can occur, leading to fatalities. For example, from 2000 to 2018, 284 individuals on cruise ships have fallen overboard. This amounts to 1.5 individuals on average falling overboard every month. The cruise ship industry and other groups state that such incidents occur when the victims are being irresponsible, for example, when they are intoxicated or careless. However, others claim this is a pressing problem in the industry that is being ignored.

Cruise ship to return to Florida port after norovirus outbreak

It is not unusual to hear reports about distressing gastrointestinal illnesses breaking out on cruise ships. Some of these illnesses are due to food poisoning, caused by unsanitary conditions on the ship or due to a lack of safe food handling. Floridians may have recently heard of one breakout of the gastrointestinal illness, norovirus, on a cruise ship that has affected hundreds of passengers.

Carnival Fantasy special needs passenger reportedly overboard

Going on a cruise is an exciting way to spend a vacation. Many save up their money and vacation time to take such a trip. Individuals and families think of the positive memories they will make, not considering the possibility of tragedy. Unfortunately, cruises can have negative and unfortunate events.

Injuries occur when cruise ship lists after leaving Florida port

Most people in who take a vacation aboard a cruise ship assume that the vessel is safe. However, sometimes, technical issues can cause a cruise ship to lean in one direction or the other. When a cruise ship tilts, this is known as "listing." And, as one recent incident of a cruise ship listing shows, this issue can cause panic and injuries to those on board.

How is norovirus spread on Florida cruise ships?

People in Florida taking a vacation on a cruise ship may anticipate some seasickness. However, sometimes this sickness is not due to the rolling of the waves, but to unsanitary practices that cause viruses such as norovirus to spread between crew and passengers on the ship.

Over 300 people have fallen overboard cruise ships since 2000

Many cruise ships depart Florida each year, carrying vacationers out to sea for what passengers assume will be a relaxing and fun trip. However, the good times can be cut short if a person is injured or killed aboard a cruise ship. One of the most dangerous incidents a person could experience on a cruise ship is falling overboard.

People sickened aboard Holland America cruise ship

Cruise ships vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Cruise ships in Florida these days are equipped with many luxury features such as swimming pools, buffets and spas. However, the fun can be cut short if a person becomes ill due to a cruise ship's unsanitary practices.