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Homeowners' insurers should not wrongfully deny claims

Owning a home can be a source of pride, and many homeowners in Florida take great lengths to care for their home. Unfortunately, disasters such as fires, sinkholes, hurricanes or strong winds could all cause significant damage to one's home. In such situations, homeowners may feel relieved that they have homeowner's insurance.

Can a Florida insurer be held liable for acting in bad faith?

When you own a home or commercial piece of property, it is important to prepare for the worst, such as wind damage or water damage from hurricanes, losses incurred in a fire or damage caused by sinkholes. Therefore, most property owners carry home or commercial property insurance policies. It may seem obvious that if a property owner files a legitimate home or commercial property insurance claim in accordance with the terms of their policy, that claim will be honored, and the property owner will be appropriately reimbursed. However, some insurers in Florida will try to find ways out of having to pay policyholders what they are due.

Where to turn in Florida when your insurance claim is denied

Our state can be a place of paradise for those who live in it, but there are dangers that come with living in the state. For example, hurricanes and sinkholes could cause a person's home to suffer wind damage, water damage or even fire. For these reasons, homeowners here carry home insurance, with the expectation that they will be covered in such circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes a person's initial homeowner's insurance claim for benefits is denied.

How can Floridians dispute a denied homeowner's insurance claim?

Homeowners in Florida are no strangers to the possibility that an act of nature could damage their home. Whether it is a tornado, a sinkhole, a hurricane or a flood, sometimes Mother Nature can wreak havoc on a person's abode. It is at times like these that homeowners may be very grateful that they have homeowner's insurance.

Help is available when hurricanes strike

Hurricane season is here, and residents of Florida may be remembering last year's hurricane season that caused major damage in the state. While people can prepare for hurricanes through the use of hurricane shutters, by boarding up their doors and windows and by placing sandbags around their property, these massive storms can easily destroy a person's home.

Will a homeowners insurance policy cover hurricanes?

Hurricane season is almost here, and Florida homeowners may already be stocking up supplies and preparing themselves for the possibility that their home could be hit by a major hurricane. Of course, many homes in Florida are built to withstand hurricanes as best as possible, but a hurricane can still cause major damage or even completely demolish a person's home. Most homeowners in Florida have homeowners insurance, but do these policies cover damages caused by hurricanes?

Sinkholes in Florida community cause mandatory evacuation

Sinkholes occur in Florida when the bedrock in the ground dissolves, often by water erosion, forming a cavity. Some sinkholes can be quite big and can cause serious structural damage to a person's home. Recently, some Florida residents had to evacuate their homes due to the nearby formation of a number of sinkholes.

Help is available in Miami when an insurance policy is violated

When disaster strikes, homeowners in Miami may be very thankful that they have homeowner's insurance. Whether it is a hurricane, a fire, a sinkhole or any other type of property damage, most homeowners expect that since they've been dutifully paying for their insurance policies on time and in full, that these policies will come to the rescue when their home has been damaged or destroyed.

Steps to take after one's insurance claim in Florida is denied

While it may not always be fun paying for it, most homeowners in in Miami are glad to have homeowner's insurance when disaster strikes. Whether it is a hurricane, a fire, a sinkhole or any other type of disaster that damages a person's home, that person will naturally expect that their homeowner's insurance will cover the repairs necessary to fix what was destroyed.