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Personal injury litigation in Florida is governed by state law, including statutes and other regulatory provisions.  This law dictates how much time a victim has to bring a personal injury suit, what elements must be proven, and what damages may be awarded.

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Florida offers unique laws that impact the manner in which cases are tried.  For example, a car owner in Florida does not have to carry liability insurance coverage, but merely has to have vehicle insurance that covers his or her own medical bills and lost wages (capped) and coverage for other parties’ property damage ($10,000) in the event of a car accident.  In addition, professionals such as doctors and business owners do not have to carry either liability or malpractice insurance.  This makes litigation against such individuals and businesses very tricky.  It takes an experienced attorney to understand how to achieve the best possible results for a client under these circumstances.

Another distinction under Florida law is that Florida protects the primary residence of an individual from creditors.  Therefore, if a person has caused a devastating car crash, been held liable for negligence in a court of law, has had a verdict of several million dollars entered against him, and had all his available assets seized, he still may be living in a multi-million dollar home on Star Island while the victim of his negligence struggles to pay the bills.  An experienced personal injury attorney, like the dedicated lawyers at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano not only will be able to get the damages award that an accident victim needs through a jury verdict or negotiated settlement, but also will be  work hard to recover the maximum amount possible from the wrongdoer.

One final thing to keep in mind about Florida law is that Florida follows the comparative negligence standard.  What this means is that a person who is severely injured in an accident may be responsible for a certain percentage of the damages.  During the litigation, the jury will be instructed to apportion liability.  For example, if a person is driving down I-95 going  thirty miles per hour over the speed limit and comes around a corner to find a tractor-trailer that has jackknifed as a result of an overloaded trailer, the jury may determine that the plaintiff is responsible for a percentage, for example, twenty percent (20%) of the accident because his  speeding increased the time it took for the vehicle to come to a complete stop, at which time he had collided with the large truck.  When the jury awards damages of one million dollars, the defendant will be responsible for eighty percent (80%) of the award; therefore, the payment to the plaintiff would be $800,000.

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Accident victims who have suffered harm as a result of the traumatic event are entitled to compensation to cover the financial consequences of the devastation that they have faced.  These damages vary depending upon the type of injury and accident claim, but include cost of medical care at the time of the accident, during long-term recovery, and for future treatment and therapy.  The future treatment could include innovative new treatments, multiple surgeries, and continuing physical therapy.  In addition, victims may recover lost wages, foreseeable future income, and other disability benefits to which they are entitled based upon their inability to return to the job that they held previously, or any job.  Pain and suffering also may be awarded based on the trauma and inconvenience that the victim experienced as a result of the accident.  If the injury resulted from another party’s gross negligence, then punitive damages may be available to the victim and his or her family.

Experienced Florida personal injury attorneys can make the difference between living the best possible life that you can and being trapped in a home without the necessary accommodations, facing a pile of bills that you cannot pay.

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