Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy Error Lawsuits

Many people take prescription drugs when they are sick or, to alleviate pain. Others regularly take prescription drugs to treat long-term medical conditions. When prescriptions are filled with the wrong medicine, serious injury and even death may result. Pharmacy errors can have a permanent negative impact on a person’s health. When pharmacy error ends in injury or death, the pharmacy negligence attorneys of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano can help. Our attorneys have recovered significant compensation for pharmacy error victims through settlements and trials.

Our firm takes on cases against the behemoth nation-wide pharmacy chains to small neighborhood pharmacies. With offices all throughout South Florida, our attorneys are prepared to help you in your pharmacy error case.

Pharmaceutical Errors

Pharmacists and their clerks go through significant training and must possess a great degree of professional skill in order to properly dispense medication. Yet, mistakes at pharmacies seem to happen with striking regularity.

There are different types of pharmacy errors. One common error type is errors in the preparation of the prescription, such as dispensing the wrong medication entirely, dispensing the wrong dose. Another type of pharmacy error occurs when the pharmacist fails to counsel the patient about the medication. This leads to disasters like failing to detect harmful drug interactions. Mistakes only seem to be increasing, possibly due to overworked and distracted pharmacists. The possible danger to the public is troubling.

Pharmacists and pharmacies may be legally liable for their errors under the legal theory of negligence. Pharmacists have a duty to provide patients with skilled care. Ordinary people do not know the harms of drugs and drug interactions, so they count on their pharmacist to dispense drugs accurately and safely. When pharmacists fail to use their skill and knowledge to dispense the correct drug, at the right dosage, with accurate instructions and warnings, they breach their legal duty.

Pursuing Damages for Pharmacy Malpractice

If you think you have been injured by pharmacy error, it is crucial that you call your physician or hospital to document that you were given the wrong prescription or dosage. Also, many people do not think about keeping evidence when they are sick or hurt, but it could be key to your case that you save all of your prescription bottles and drugs as evidence. Some people, not knowing any better, return pills to the pharmacy to save money, but doing so destroys important evidence.

It is important to retain legal counsel in pharmacy error cases. Once retained, your attorneys must act quickly to understand the unique facts surrounding your injury. Did workplace pressures lead to a dispensing error? Did the pharmacist take appropriate steps and develop systems to minimize error? Was there proper training and supervision of personnel? These are all questions our attorneys would thoroughly explore with you to uncover any negligence by your pharmacist.

In addition, our pharmacy error legal team at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano would assist you in collecting all your medical records, and they would connect with pharmacology specialists to shed light on your case and help demonstrate any pharmacist errors.

Our attorneys know victims of pharmacy negligence deserve fair and just compensation for their injuries. That is why the explore all possible damages available in pharmacy error cases, such as medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, loss of enjoyment, and pain and suffering. Our firm is also equipped to pursue a wrongful death claim if necessary.

Leaving no stone unturned, the Greenberg, Stone & Urbano attorneys also know how to ensure that negligent pharmacists face regulatory actions by their state pharmacy commission. Commission actions may result in penalties and suspension or revocation of license.

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