Slip and Fall

Helping Slip and Fall Victims

The lawyers of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano are well known for handling premises liability cases on behalf of injured parties. “Slip and Fall” cases are a specific sub-set of premises liability cases, and our attorneys are well equipped to litigate slip and falls because of their general experience litigating all types of premises liability suits.

Of course, every type of premises liability case has its own nuances, and slip and falls are no exception. Our attorneys represent clients in all types of slip, fall, and trip cases. For example, our team of legal professionals has significant experience with slips and falls due to:

  • Broken sidewalks and uneven surfaces
  • Spills in retail stores
  • Blocked walkways or aisles
  • Slippery entranceways
  • Improper stair railings
  • Poorly lit parking lots

Have you suffered a slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence like in the above scenarios? If so, our attorneys want to help you.

Liability and Damages in Slip and Fall Cases

Because property owners are responsible for the safety of those who are legally on their premises, failure to keep aisles, floors, and other passages like stairs in a safe condition is a breach of duty that subjects those property owners to liability. If you are injured because a property owner breached their legal duty, you may be entitled to damages. In other words, you may deserve financial compensation due to your slip and fall injuries. General public liability insurance and homeowners insurance exist to help cover such claims.

Our firm’s slip and fall attorneys will dedicate themselves to guiding you successfully through your claim and maximizing your recovery. We will seek fair and just compensation for your lost wages (past and future), pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other losses due to your injuries.

Experienced Slip-and-Fall Counsel

Our lawyers bring over ten decades of combined experience in personal injury cases. We have won numerous verdicts and settlements in premises liability claims. Our attorneys succeed through thorough investigation of slip and fall causes, attention to detail, knowledge of the law, careful client communication, and countering insurance industry tactics. You can be confident that our attorneys will work hard to recover fair and just compensation for you.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to bring slip and fall cases against a wide variety of defendants. Since it is common for slip and fall cases to involve multiple parties that share liability, our experience with complex litigation will help maximize your recovery. For example, if you are hurt at a retail store that rents its space, both the property owner and the business owner may be liable. Multiple insures may be involved. Our attorneys are ready to guide you through complex negotiations and proceed to trial if necessary to produce the best results in your case. Insurance companies know our reputation in the courtroom, and as such take our demands seriously in negotiations.

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