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Personal injury cases in Florida are governed by various laws and statutory provisions.  There are many different types of personal injury cases that arise in various regions of the state.  For instance, cruise ship litigation arises primarily in South Florida because the cruise industry has chosen that litigation against many cruise lines take place in Miami courts regardless of where the injured person lives or the cruise docked. .  

Other types of personal injuries are common throughout the state, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, dog bites, pleasure craft and boating accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home neglect.Regardless of the cause of your injury, the experienced South Florida personal injury attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, P.A. are ready to learn about the harm that you or a loved one has suffered and present your legal options.  Our law firm has offices in Miami, Palm Beach, and Weston/Broward County, allowing our lawyers to serve all of South Florida.  Our attorneys will meet with you at the location most convenient to you.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we have the experience and resources necessary to handle all types of injury cases, including:

We believe that one of the most important keys to success is having the supporting resources to present the best case possible.  Our firm has a full time accident investigator.  This person is sent to many  accident sites throughout the area in order to document existing conditions, speak to law enforcement officers, track down witnesses who may not have been identified at the outset, and generally gather as much information as possible.

In addition, our lawyers have deep and meaningful relationships with medical and financial professionals.  These experts have the knowledge to understand the medical struggles that accident victims face and can calculate and project the long-term economic impact that the injury will have for the remainder of the victim’s life.

Serious accidents can lead to medical bills that total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.  In many instances, the only way a victim can pay these exorbitant bills is to bring a lawsuit against the parties who caused the harm.  The accident victims are not taking advantage of an accident to buy a bigger house or take nicer vacations.   Compensation for their injuries is to pay for real expenses and replace income that was lost when they lost their jobs and can no longer work in the same career going forward, if they can work at all. One of our cient’s requires care that costs in excess of $750,000 a year.  She has been able to maintain herself for over 20 years due to the settlement we negotiated on her behalf of $22 million.

Personal injury cases often are based on a theory of legal negligence.  In these legal actions, the injured party seeks an award of damages to cover:

·         Medical bills that already have been incurred as a result of the accident and future bills  for necessary medical treatments.  Damages are intended to return a person to the position that he would have been in but for the accident.  While that often is not possible, the medical care should be the best available. We have found that quality care makes a significant difference in our client’s ability to function long after the injury.

·         Lost wages since the injured party often can only work in a reduced capacity, if at all.

·         Lost earning capacity and future earnings.  When you think about this, it makes complete sense.  The accident victim was on a specific course in life when the accident completely knocked him/her off   their  path. Had they continued in  their chosen career, gaining knowledge and skills, and attaining the ability to earn more and more money.  In addition, they would be able to fund retirement accounts to take care of  themselves  and those they love when they are  no longer able to work.  All of this was taken away from them.  This is not to say that a teacher is awarded what a cardiac surgeon would have earned in lost wage earning capacity,  but merely that the compensation has to reasonably reflect what was truly lost.

·         Other expenses.  A person does not realize how many other costs arise as the result of an accident.  A van may have to be purchased to accommodate a wheel chair, ramps may need to be built, special technology purchased to manage speech impediments – the list of necessary expenditures is staggering.

In order to obtain the best possible results for accident victims, a personal injury attorney must be committed to the field of personal injury.  To learn more about our firm and about attorneys' successes, please read our notable cases.

Our injury attorneys represent South Miami injury victims that have suffered all types of injuries, including:

Should you have questions about a specific injury case occurring in South Florida, please contact our law firm to meet with one of our injury attorneys. We have offices in Miami, Palm Beach and Weston/ Broward County.